Booking Cheap Tickets Under International Flight Offers

A few decades back, most airlines enjoyed a monopoly status in their respective regions. However, the onset of new and cheaper technologies led to the emergence of other service providers in the industry. This further led to the regulation of the market and reduction in the cost of air travel. A few years later, the concept of low-cost carrier came into the industry that acted as a catalyst in popularising the price-based competition and pushing airlines to offer services at the cheapest possible costs. AirAsia is one such carrier that played an important role in bringing the benefits of air travel to budget travellers. Domestic and international flight offers by it, in addition to the cheap reservation costs, make air travelling an economical affair. This Malaysia-based airline serves more than 100 destinations across the globe and operates most of its flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It recently commenced operations in India and announced international flight offers for Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok from different Indian cities to attract new fliers.Different TypesLike AirAsia, other global operators also come up with their customized schemes, every now and then, to meet the demand of target passengers. Most carriers give direct benefits to fliers by offering a certain percentage of discounts on the total cost of reservation. Many a time, they simply announce the absolute cost on various routes. These discounts are beneficial for people, who are not frequent fliers as they get tickets at slashed prices. However, while making bookings under these schemes, other scheme-related benefits cannot be clubbed.Apart from these discounts, airlines also offer extra miles points while booking or give vouchers, which are valid for the next purchase. For instance, if an airline credits 1 point per mile, it can offer 1.5 or 2 miles under the scheme. These miles prove to be quite handy for seat or class upgrade. In case of coupons, a code is given to fliers that authorises them to avail discounts. Travellers have to input specific characters mentioned on the coupon while booking a ticket afterwards. The amount of discount is usually rational to the current purchase. As these relaxations are given on the next purchase, it is more suitable for people who have to travel quite often, so that they can avail these cheap domestic or international flight offers.In addition to the schemes announced by carriers, travellers can reduce the cost of their tickets even further by availing discounts offered by popular travel portals.DetailsTravellers can avail benefits of this scheme by making the reservation before March 31, 2015. People going to the USA, Canada and South America can get INR 1500 and 750 off on the total amount of the ticket for a round and one-way trip, respectively. While making reservations for cities in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, travellers have to pay INR 1000 and 550 less on the total ticket price for round and one-way trip. For rest of the destinations in the world, INR 250 can be saved on one-way tickets. However, these discounts are not valid on SpiceJet, AirAsia, Air Arabia, Malindo and IndiGo flights. Also, cities of Saudi Arabia do not fall under this international flight offers deal.