What Do The Numbers Really Mean? Let’s Break Free From Illness To Health And Fitness

We hear about these health numbers all the time. And, they keep changing consistently. One thing I have observed is that the healthier we want to be the lower we want the numbers. And, we can lower them by planning our own health and fitness regimen.Let’s break free from our old lifestyle and take our families with us on a new ride to health and fitness. Let’s be examples for our kids, and teach them the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.What’s good for today? Here is a summary, and remember, always do research because nothing stays the same.Blood PressureNormal – lower than 120/80Pre-Hypertension… that point just before your pressure is too high: 120/80 – 139/89Too high, or hypertension: 140/90 and higherCholesterol – And remember, cholesterol does not get high because of our lifestyle; my doctor once told me that only 35% can be controlled by us, the rest is hereditary.Where you want it: less than 200 mg/dlBorderline: 200 to 239Too High: 240 and upHDL Cholesterol – the good stuffReally Good: higher than 60 mg/ld and upModerate Risk: 40 – 59Major Risk: Below 40LDL Cholesterol – the bad stuffOptimal Less than 100 mg/dlBorderline: 130 – 158High: 160 and moreBlood Glucose – fasting levelsHealthy is less than 100 mg/dlPre- Diabetic 100 -125Diabetes: 126 or higherHow can you control your numbers? First, you need to go to your doctor to find out what your numbers are. Nest, you need to make a chart for each of the above numbers.And next, you need to make a plan, a goal of where you want your numbers to be, and how fast you want to reach your goal. And then, you need to follow your plan.Sound easy? Well, it really can be, if you study and research your options, both natural and medical help is available. You can combine both in order to reach your goal.Some of the issues to study are:-Natural remedies to lower the numbers.-Diets to help lower the numbers.-Exercise and fitness plans to help lower the numbers.-Medicines available. Read about these before you go to your doctor so you can discuss them with him/her.Make that plan and then follow that plan. It works.Medical Disclaimer: This article is designed for educational purposes only and should not be used in any other manner. This information is not intended to substitute for informed medical advice.